Ant Pest Control

Ants Pest Control

PPsurya Provides The Best Ant Pest Control in Delhi NCR.
Ants are small creatures having red and black colours and mostly found near food and water. Ants fascinating creatures in their own right, can become a nuisance when they invade homes, gardens, or workplaces in large numbers. Ants presence can lead to food contamination, structural damage, and discomfort. 

Before delving into pest control methods, it’s crucial to understand ant behavior. Ants are highly social insects that live in colonies with a complex hierarchical structure. They communicate through pheromones, which they use to navigate, forage for food, and recruit others to food sources. Additionally, ants are resilient and adaptable, making them challenging to eradicate once established.

Best Quality Herbal Ant Pest Control Near You

India’s 1st & only comprehensive 4D treatment

  • Deny Shelter with natural dust, drain enzymes in their hideouts; close the cracks, crevices with silicon gel
  • Deny Food using specialized bio -degradable garbage bags that have repellent effect
  • Destroy & Control with traps, gel baiting to kill hidden colonies & spray treatment for visible roaches
  • Digital Monitoring of end-to-end service treatment to maximize effectiveness with 100% safety
Standard Cockroach Control Treatment – 1X Cockroach Control through European-approved Gel & Spray
Service Details
  • 1 Year AMC – 3 Services, 1 Every 4 Months
  • 2 Year AMC – 6 Services, 1 Every 4 Months
  • Manpower – 1 Per Service
Why PpSurya is different ?
  • Gel Baiting & Spray Treatment
  • Mint Fragrance Garbage Bags
  • Sealing of Small Cracks
  • Enzyme based Drain Cleaner
  • Complementary And Treatment
  • FREE Complaint Service
Why should you choose Ppsurya for a Cockroach Control Treatment?
  • 30 years of experience in pest control services
  • 100% safe & minimized use of synthetic chemicals
  • Scientifically designed service interventions
  • Hassle-free cockroach pest control with no need to empty your kitchen
  • Long-lasting and highly efficient cockroach control service that can be carried out at any time of the day
  • Services offered by hygiene experts with rich experience
  • Warranty backed service on AMC contract
Terms & Conditions
  • Efficacy will be effective post 15 days of service
  • Service needs to be taken within 30 days of the scheduled date
  • Important to maintain the hygiene of the kitchen for best effectiveness
  • Free inspection is for sq. ft. above 3000
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